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K3 XF Files - Nickel Titanium (Kerr)

K3 XF Files - Nickel Titanium (Kerr)

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K3XF NiTi files provide clinicians with the safety and self-centering features of the original K3 plus an extraordinary new level of flexibility and resistance to cyclic fatigue.

The K3XF is the ultimate in safety, flexibility and control. The K3XF System is colour-coded with matching K3XF verifiers, obturators, gutta percha and paper points.

  • Half the stiffness of other files and two times more resistant to fracture.
  • Better centering, more stability provided by a third radial land.
  • Less chance of transportation.
  • Variable pitch provides more control and channels debris coronally.
  • The stainless steel Axxess handle ensures better posterior access.