GrandioSO Heavy Flow

GrandioSO Heavy Flow

  • $129.95

  • GrandioSO Heavy Flow - Syringes 2 x 2g
  • GrandioSO Heavy Flow Caps - 16 x 0.25g


Flowable universal nano-hybrid restorative material - highly viscous


Filling minimally invasive cavities of all classes

Filling small class I cavities and extended fissure sealing

Filling class II - V cavities including V-shaped defects and cervical caries

Blocking out undercuts

Lining or coating cavities

Repairing fillings and veneers

Luting translucent prosthetic pieces (e.g. full ceramic crowns etc.)

Interlocking and splinting teeth (e.g. with glass fibre strands)

Use as a base material in combination with glass fibres or similar products for fabricating semi-permanent crowns and bridges 


  • Increased stability in comparison to conventional flowables, i.e. no undesirable leakage
  • Can be applied with pinpoint accuracy with complete wetting of the cavity wands
  • Physical properties superior to those of various other sculptable materials - e.g. hardness, stability, abrasion resistance and very high filler content (83 % w/w)
  • Ideal for proximal and cervical areas
  • Precision dosing without excess for timesaving work
  • Simplified filling of undercuts, approximal boxes and paragingival areas
  • Ideal for use in combination with GrandTEC®