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Kulzer iBOND Total Etch

Kulzer iBOND Total Etch

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iBOND Total Etch is the light curing Etch & Rinse (2-Step) bonding system.

Etch & Rinse 2-step adhesive impresses with easy handling through application in only one step.

  • Bond strength and desensitisation: With iBOND Total Etch, you achieve the greatest possible desensitisation. It offers high reliable bond strength, impressive marginal quality and an optimised overall system through nanofiller. This has been verified by universities and dentists around the world.
  • One step: iBOND Total Etch is applied in just one step after etching with iBOND Etch; laborious agitation is no longer necessary. A shiny surface, a sign of effective cross-linking of adhesive and tooth surface, is easily achieved by air drying.
  • Homogeneous layer: Due to its optimised consistency, iBOND Total Etch creates a homogeneous adhesive layer on the dentine and enamel – the foundation for outstanding, long-lasting results.
  • Stable: The excellent stability of iBOND Total Etch ensures that it can be stored at room temperature; no refrigeration is necessary.

*Bottle Assortment (66039866) includes: 1 x 4ml bottle, 50 application tips, Mixing well, Pictorial card, 2 x 2.5ml syringe iBOND Etch 35 Gel, 25 cannulas.