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Kulzer Xantasil Alginate substitute

Kulzer Xantasil Alginate substitute

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Alginate substitute – moulded for convenience

We have developed xantasil specifically for the requirements of your anatomical impressions. The addition-curing, elastomeric alginate substitute will give you robust impressions with long-term dimensional and storage stability every time.



Long-term dimensional stability


  • More flexibility and convenience when pouring impressions – no time pressure
  • Later pouring with no loss of accuracy
  • Multiple pouring of an impression
  • Better detail reproduction compared to traditional alginates
  • Can be stored for several weeks


Automatic mixing


  • Compatible with the Dynamix® speed 2 mixing device
  • Excellent void-free, homogeneous mix quality
  • Hygienic processing with no dust formation and cleaning
  • Saves time and effort due to the ready-to-use dosage form and the low number of work steps (compared to traditional alginates)
  • Material savings – only the required amount of material is dispensed



Xantasil covers all anatomical impression indications for which traditional alginates would typically be used, such as:

- Temporaries
- Orthodontic models
- Splints
- Impressions of opposing jaws
- study models


Orthodontic Models (Dr. Marcus Holzmeier, University of Würzburg, Germany)