Kerr Kwik Bite

Kerr Kwik Bite

  • $189.95

    • 1780 - Kwik-Bite® with Ring - Contents: 5 x Kwik-Bite® with ring; 1 x Centring Device
    • 270 - Kwik-Bite® with Index - Contents: 15 x Kwik-Bite® with index

    Kwik-Bite® is a film and phosphor plate holder for horizontal bitewings (standard bitewings). It guarantees perfect radiographs without overlaps and therefore eliminates the need for repetition and unnecessary exposure to X-rays. A direct comparison of radiographs over the years can be made for the same patient. The holder is autoclavable at 134°C for at least 3 minutes.


    Kwik-Bite® is compatible with the most commonly used X-ray film formats (1, 2, 3). Kwik-Bite® with ring is also suitable for indirect digital systems. It is compatible with all major brands of phosphor plate sensors.