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Kulzer Optosil Xantopren

Kulzer Optosil Xantopren

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Optosil P Plus and Xantopren are reliable impression materials for daily use in the practice. The combination of classic putty and low viscosity material is user friendly and facilitates accurate reproduction of details.

Easy, secure and fast – the Optosil/Xantopren Comfort system
The Optosil/Xantopren Comfort system is a further development of the classic Optosil/ Xantopren system.
  • Accurate reproduction of details duet o hydrocontrol - i.e.e the exceptional wetting properties, and controlled application in moist environments.
  • Xantopren Comfort Light/Medium in a user-friendly 4:1 cartridge system
  • High dimensional stability of Optosil Comfort Putty for reproducible results even when cast after 7 days.