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Mini LED Ortho 2 Curing Light - FO5220

Mini LED Ortho 2 Curing Light - FO5220

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  • Cure in a simple gesture, in few seconds from few brackets to a whole quadrant.

  • Customizable exposure times of 4, 8, 12 and 32 sec, specifically studied to move from one bracket to another or to cure a full arch.

  • Cure any type of material used in orthodontics efficiently and quickly.
  • The absence of UV reduces heat production for maximum comfort and safety.
  • Customizable signal: an alert (beep, micro-flash, mixed or no alert) prompts the user to move to the next curing position every 4 seconds.

  • Once loaded, MiniLED Ortho 2 can handle 15 patients at maximum power, without needing to recharge it during the day.
  • The base charger makes it possible to control the battery level at any time due to the color code of the light emitted by the integrated radiometer.
  • 1 x light guide FREE