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Voco Grandio

Voco Grandio

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      • Grandio - Refill 4g Syringes
      • Grandio Caps - Refill 20 x 0.25g

      Universal light-curing nano-hybrid restorative


      Restorations class I to V

      Reconstruction of traumatically affected anteriors

      Direct veneering of anteriors

      Corrections of shape and shade for better aesthetics

      Splinting, locking of teeth

      Repair of veneers

      Core build-up

      Composite inlays


      • Excellent physical properties for long-lasting restorations
      • Significantly lower polymerisation shrinkage than conventional composites
      • High filler degree of 87% w/w
      • Extremely high abrasion resistance
      • High transverse strength
      • Smooth consistency for convenient handling
      • Excellent aesthetics
      • Can be used with all dentine/enamel bonding agents
      • Available in 16 shades
      • Shade guide made from original material